The concept of "sweet jam" is simply to combine the sourness of the fruit with the richness of the soy sauce. With such a wonderful fusion, it creates a new sense of flavoring style - Beauty Soy Sauce

We use it as natural soy sauce with light and refreshing taste - Michelin Starred Restaurant in Kyoto, Japan

Skillfully Blend By Hand From

Traditional Natural Fermentation Soy Sauce

A long-established brewer from Tatsuno (Hyōgo prefecture) Japan, a place called “hometown of soy sauce”. They have been producing traditional soy sauce for 138 years, using Japanese domestic soybeans and 100% natural wheat, no added additives and preservatives.

100% Pure Fruit Juice

A selection of 100% pure fruit juices, known for their benefits to health and beauty.

Pure Persimmon Vinegar

It made by the ancient traditional manufacturing method of Saga Prefecture in 1832 from Japanese persimmon fruit. Pure persimmon vinegar contains potassium 3 times as much as black vinegar and 10 times more than rice vinegar, good to lower blood pressure.

Oil-free, No Additives

Free of any chemical additive, artificial flavoring or alcohol.

Low In Salt

only 7.1% of salt per 100ml, versus the average 18% in normal soy sauce.


Idea as a healthy natural dressing or marinade for meats, fish, salads and any dish your imagination suggests. Try it also mixed with olive or sesame oil, lemon, spices or mustard.

Beauty Soy Sauce